Add Dress To Your Life With The Suzuki ADDRESS

Add Dress To Your Life With The Suzuki ADDRESS

A global Suzuki scooter from Japan, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Australia, Belguim, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Zew Zealand, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia now lands on its new address – the Philippines. Designed to add dress into your life, Suzuki brings a new fun and stylish ride to the country that is powerful and fuel-efficient packed with features that fit exactly the young Filipinos needs and more!

IMG_9305Add dress to your life with a powerful ride that is built with Suzuki Eco Performance which is a cutting-edge culmination of Suzuki engine technologies coupled with the Suzuki Fuel Injection System to achieve the best of both worlds – maximum power and optimum fuel efficiency. With an engine displacement of 113cc, the Suzuki Address maintains an impressive fuel consumption and high engine output.

Add dress to your life with a convenient ride that makes riding around the city a breeze with its 20.6L utility box roomy enough to accommodate a full face helmet, a snack for two or even some shopping items – covering the basics, there is no need for an external utility box which promotes a more stylist look! The bike also has two large inner pockets with hook to hold additional stuff. The fuel-tank is large enough at 5.2L capacity which means longer and uninterrupted ride perfect for the young generation’s active lifestyle.

Add dress to your life with a practical ride along with a centralized locking system with a seat opener function that ensures safety. The Address comes with a Rear Brake Lock System that comes in handy when locking in an engaged position promoting vehicle stabilization when parking using side stand. The instrument panel also has a straightforward design and is easy to read.


Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki President, Suzuki Philippines

Add dress to your life with a comfortable ride for one or even two! With a large floor board with cutaway, driving around is at ease. Backriding is practical through a folding type footrest with guard.
Add dress to your life with a stylish ride with the Address’ fun and sporty styling. With its sharp body design, it is reminiscent of a well-loved Suzuki underbone bike coming in with a large sharp headlight and sporty positioned lamp. It also has a sleek read brake and turn signal lamps with well-designed mag wheels.

Suzuki Address Bruchure

Suzuki Address Bruchure

addAdd dress to your life by exploring more and doing more with the new Suzuki Address.

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