Bare Essentials – KYMCO Agility RS Naked 125

Bare Essentials – KYMCO Agility RS Naked 125

Officially launched at the recently concluded IR Bikefest at the World Trade Center, the Agility RS Naked125 is the latest scooter offering from KYMCO Philippines’ stable. It is powered by a forced-air cooled 124.9 cc mill which produces 6.9 kw of power at 7500 rpm and 9.1 nm of torque at 6500 rpm. With the Agility’s simple design, weight is kept to a minimum at 105 kilograms. Hence, the easy handling and zippy performance. It is still equipped with a conventional carburetor but it has an auto-choke function to save you the hassle of cold starts. The engine is matted to a Continuously Variable Transmission to add convenience to your commuting. No need to bother with shifting gears, just twist the throttle and go. CVT also helps keep you at the ideal rev range to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. KYMCO claims 75 miles to a gallon or 26.55 kilometer to a liter. Yet, you can keep your revs in check with the aid to the analog tachometer. Though unnecessary to have on an automatic scooter, it does add a lot sporty appeal. The exposed handle bar also allows you bolt-on accessories like bottle holder or even a wind shield to help you personalize your ride.

The 12-inch wheels further enhances the scooter’s maneuverability. This is balanced out by the 1330 mm wheel base, offering ample stability at high speeds. In addition, the meaty 120/70 (front) and 130/70 (rear) rubbers get you significantly more grip compared to the narrow 14-inch tires of most ASEAN market scooters. It is also worth noting that the Agility RS Naked 125 comes with tubeless tires, which I believe should be a requirement in all two-wheelers. A tube-type tire deflates immediately when punctured. If this happens on the fly, it can be fatal as this will make you loose control of your bike. If you are used to bigger wheels though, the smaller ones on the Agility may tend to feel a bit bumpy at first. A 5-way adjustable rear shock will quickly solve the issue. Besides, the those little wheels complete the “cute little scooter” look. Make no mistake, however, this is a full-sized ride for a full-sized rider.


DSC04682I am 5′ 11” and the ergonomics of the Agility did not feel cramped at all. The grips are high enough to avoid hitting my knees when turning and the floor board is so spacious that I can freely move around my (ahem) size 11 feet to find a comfortable position. It can even function as a mini cargo bed if I place my feet on the passenger step boards. The Agility also doesn’t have those tiny cubby holes (which are useless anyway) behind the leg shield to allow you to carry bigger stuff like a cart or a box. Like most Taiwanese scooters, it has a generous under seat compartment that can store a regular open face helmet or even a small full face lid. However, the Agility RS Naked 125 has a one-piece saddle, as opposed to the split-seat of the previous Agility variant. No folding backrest on this one, but you get an LED headlight for added visibility when riding at night. Since it comes as standard equipment, it shouldn’t be an issue at those random checkpoints. At P 68,000, it is just P 2,500 more expensive than the previous model. The Taiwanese manufacturer seem to have kept things basic on this one to maintain affordability. To know more about the Agility RS Naked 125, visit



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