Club R150 Baguio Ride 2015!

Club R150 Baguio Ride 2015!

For many, September is the start of the holiday season but for the Club R150 group it is the month to celebrate the Anniversary of Club R150 Baguio Chapter. This event was already marked every year and for the year 2015 Club R150 riders from different chapter such as NCR, Laguna, Bulacan, Pampanga and aspirants from Pangasinan were united to join the Baguio Chapter as they rev their throttle on their 2nd year mark.

DSC_0039 DSC_0041DSC_0073 DSC_0074 DSC_0079Midnight of September 18 when they started to have a regular ride briefing that includes discussing the do’s and dont’s, signing of riding waiver and seeking guidance thru a powerful prayer. It was around 1am when they took off their Tambayan at Phoenix Gas station near SM MOA. First hook up was in Bulacan to fetch the Riders from Bulacan chapter headed by their President Alex Neblasca and the 2nd was Mcdo San Fernando Pampanga led by President Jennifer Panlaqui. Their full tank from tambayan was followed at the meet up place in San Fernando Pampanga. They stayed for a couple of minutes waiting for some riders assisted by the ride marshalls who got some tire issue. When they got completed, they proceed to the next hook up at SM Tarlac to fetch Aspirants from Pangasinan together with Marshall Jan De Manio. Gas tank was filled in Tarlac prior to their last gas up in Rosario. The Riders from Club R150 Baguio spearheaded the group passing the high speed twisties of Marcos Highway. A minutes of photo ops before they proceed to their accomodation in Pine Breeze Hotel. The tired riders were welcomed by Pinikpikan, adobo and pansit served hot by the main event coordinators Baguio. The itinerary was to push hard after lunch to Highest Point Atok Benguet but due to uncontrollable weather condition. Consultant Ian Mediavilla decided to cancel and move it to the other day. Some of the riders choose to have City tour, some took the opportunity to recharge but some don’t waste time sharing moments together with bottles of Red Label, Tequilla and the most ever known Empi. The main sponsor of the event Baguio Chapter served a delicious and crispy lechon for an early dinner before the whole pack of happy riders visit the Club R150 Baguio chapter tambayan at Caltex, PNR. The tambay night was used to discuss club history, core values, meet and greet and the most awaited raffle. Motorcycle parts and items sponsored by Overdose and Full faced helmet by the NCR chapter. After a couple of hours of exchanging laughters some of the riders went to visit the most popular night market, some proceed to club hopping and some went back to home base to prepare themselves to another uphill climb challenge.

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The group was already prepared at exactly 7am the next morning. While they were conducting a ride briefing the Laguna boys took off to be the advance party. Tire check, gas up and they ride to the place where you can almost sit on the clouds the Highest Point. They’ve reached the mark at around 9am and started the photo ops and balut eating followed by the membership oath taking. The group ride back and arrived their hotel at exactly 12noon, prepared their loads and conducted short ride briefing before they proceed to their last eating session at The Good Taste Restaurant. After a heavy meal, some took an opportunity to take a power nap preparing themselves, some visited market for pasalubong but some never waste time for kulitan. The final briefing was held at the car park of The Good Taste, started by thanksgiving to the Baguio chapter riders and ended with a powerful prayer. It was already 4 in the afternoon when the pack of hardcore riders passed by the Lion’s head mark in the Kennon Road. The first gas up was Rosario, followed by Tarlac and Pampanga. The night became a wet ride from Pangasinan until Bulacan and with this the group were divided to easily manage the pack. Some arrived as early as 6 in the afternoon such as the Pangasinan aspirants while the others was as early as 12midnight such as Pampanga and Bulacan. Its already passed 12 midnight when NCR group arrived the Monumento mark. The 50 plus hardcore riders bring home nothing but dirt, mud, sweat and priceless experience to their families. There was so many challenges that their Club needs to adhere from flat tire, sparkplug cap, lights, wiring and up to mishaps that causes delays. But with all of these, the camaraderie became much more stronger. It give each rider the confidence, respect and the pride that they are all united in Club R150 for one reason.. Passion in riding.

Club R150 celebrated its 8th year Anniversary last March 2015. Giving limelight on its core values, the four (4) R’s: Ride, Regulation, Respect and Responsibility. Acknowledging the loyalty of members, camaraderie within the group and the infinite passion in riding.

Club R150 Riding to infinity and beyond!

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  2. Club R150 Bicol Chapter
  3. Club R150 Pampanga Chapter
  4. Club R150 Baguio Chapter
  5. Club R150 Laguna Chapter
  6. Club R150 Bulacan Chapter



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