Honda GEN-S Pride Ride – Luzon Leg: Taking Pride

Honda GEN-S Pride Ride – Luzon Leg: Taking Pride

October 8-9, 2016, Caliraya, Laguna – After the long wait, the “Motorcycle Fun Lifestyle” activity is back, named as “Honda Gen-S Pride Ride”.

A whole day of fun and camaraderie, as Honda Philippines created an array of exciting activities: Team Building, Mr. Honda Gen-S, Band Entertainment, and Bon Fire to close the night with solidarity.

Joined by over 300 dynamic and energetic riders from different Honda Rider Gen-S Club, the Team Building Games is composed of a mixture of various Gen-S Rider Clubs to demonstrate the spirit of solidarity as one Honda family.

Mr. Daiki Mihara, expressed that Honda Riders’s loyalty are one of Honda’s treasure, that is why Honda Philippines gives importance to Rider Clubs.  This activity is one of Honda’s way to show its appreciation to its Riders where they can gather all Honda owners and make them feel the pride of being a member of the Honda Family.

More Honda GEN-S Pride Ride Photos here

Mr. Tomoaki Watanabe also shared that the joy of riding is all about passion to explore with a reliable partner, the Honda Motorcycle.

Another unforgettable Gen-S-perience marks another part of the Rider’s memory lane.

So, Honda Gen-S Riders in Visayas, wait for your turn as the Visayas is on the works early next year.

Find out more at, and follow the Honda Philippines Facebook page at Honda Philippines Inc.




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