Honda GEN-S Pride Ride – Visayas Leg: Taking Pride

Honda GEN-S Pride Ride – Visayas Leg: Taking Pride

San Fernando Cebu – Honda Philippines, Inc.(HPI) held its Visayas leg of“Motorcycle Fun Lifestyle” activity the Honda Gen-S Pride Ride.  Joined by over hundreds dynamic  and energetic  riders from different Honda Riders Club. Excitement can really be seen from the faces of most of the riders.

The Honda Gen-S Pride Ride is HPI’s way of expressing its appreciation to Honda Riders’ loyalty and importance of Rider Clubs. A gathering of Honda owners that share the pride of being a member of the Honda family.

Honda Philippines welcomed the clubs with an array of exciting recreational activities ranging from Team-building games, treats and raffle of special Honda Apparel items and the highlight of the event – awarding of Rider of The Night. A gratifying experience and a notable recollection of a rider’s life.Teamwork and camaraderie was developed and opportunity to create a Honda Club.

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At the end of the Honda Gen-S Pride Ride, each participant brought with him/her memorable experiences worth sharing with family and friends. Riders parted ways with smiles on their faces that shows the true meaning of FUN and Joy of Riding.

The Visayas Leg of “Motorcycle Fun Lifestyle” has been an absolute success. Honda has extended its wings to the enjoyment, leisure and experience of the riders.

Another unforgettable Gen-S-perience marks another part of the Rider’s memory lane.

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Source: Honda Philippines, Inc.(HPI)



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