Honda Philippines – Victory Ride in Davao City

Honda Philippines – Victory Ride in Davao City

The Leading Motorcycle Manufacturer in the Philippines,  Honda Philippines, Incorporated (HPI) conquers  Davao City  to sponsor  the Motorcycle  Riding Community of Davao  the “Victory Ride” Activity. Approximately around 1,600 Riders composed of more than 50 Clubs  all over Davao and nearby towns   came for the said event. It was a fun, thrilling and exciting day for Davaoeño’s as Honda prepared various activities to all riders after the ride.

 The unity ride took place in Davao City hall grounds where a great number of riders gathered in numbers. A short briefing was done  to simulate the flow of the ride and because of the huge number we also sought some help with  Local Government Units. This is riders ended their short ride to a small but cozy resort in Davao the Vales beach resort where whole day of surprises started.

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After settling on their  cottages, Honda gave the tired riders with their own treats! Free Mang Danny’s Ice Cream, a well known ice cream make in davao, Free merienda treats; free haircut and free massage. These treats were open to all the riders. As riders took liberty to get these amenities ,they also had the chance to see the latest motorcycles of  Honda Philippines,the new line- up of Gen-S bikes; The new Honda BeAT Fi; Zoomer X; Click 125i;CB150 Streetfire; and  the new RS150, the hottest 150cc motorcycle on the road.

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Lunch time came and  Honda Philippines took care of this part. Riders  were treated with a bountiful meal that made them surprised.Program started after lunch,Honda provided a short awareness about the power of Gen –S bikes and the highlights of PGM-FI,that made riders under more of its value.

 As darkness shrouded the sky,party started in Vales Beach. Good sounds was provided by local DJs’ along with booze while another round of Honda treat of Lechon Baboy was served. Prizes freebies and food were overflowing for all the riders.

 The night won’t be complete without a good laugh provided  by the local look-a-like of Vice Ganda with the famous local reggae band, NAIRUD sa Wadab. After the good show of our local comedians, and reggae Band;fire dancers  came into a finale with their amazing skills.The night came to an end with raffle draws. Freebies and minor prizes were given away by other sponsors of the event but Honda sponsored a brand new unit of our most selling Scooter Model,Honda BeAT Fi, for the lucky rider of the night.

The night gave the awareness not just pride but also excitement with the whole family of Riders and Honda.

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