Honda zooms to Bulacan with “Generation Smart”  University  Tour

Honda zooms to Bulacan with “Generation Smart” University Tour

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) continues to zoom its way to the hearts and minds of today’s modern generation of motorcycle riders to promote “smart” motorcycle riding in the 21st Century.

Just recently, Honda started its “Generation Smart Tour” that targets various colleges and universities in the National Capital Region (NCR) and in Regions 3 and 4a.

The “Generation Smart” tour aims to encourage more motorcycle riders to become discerning, savvy, street-wise, lively, passionate, stylish, energetic, and enjoys clean fun, the characteristics of a true “Generation Smart” rider.

The first leg of the tour saw Honda going to La Consolacion University in Barangay Catmon, Malolos, Bulacan as it celebrated “Generation Smart University Tour”. After an exciting motorcade to the Malolos town proper and other landmarks, students and other guests then converged at the La Consolacion gym and open grounds that signalled the start of the event. Asian Pride, a group of male hip-hop dancers crowned as Open Division champions during the World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2015, the biggest and most prestigious international street dance competition held in Brisbane, Australia, put on a scintillating performance to formally open the festivities.

Many also went to try out the Generation- S scooter models – Honda Beat Fi eSP Series , Honda Click 125i and Honda Zoomer- X —   at the test ride area, and had fun at the dealer and display booths, the photo wall and even free Facebook access.

The crowd gamely participated in the various games prepared by Honda, with amazing prizes given away to make their day truly exciting and worthwhile. It was all fun as students and guests joined games like “Are You Smart Enough?” or a Twitter and Instagram game called “Shout Out and Click,” and had rip-roaring fun as many tried the “Barkada Snap Shot” game, where the winners enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at a glitzy restaurant as their prize.

At the test drive area, participants learned how to ride properly and safely, complete with protective gear and information on how to ride smart and safe at the same time.

Select groups were also given the opportunity to join two other exciting events: the Gen S 3×3 Streetball and the Ultimate BeAT Dance Showdown, where several groups competed with each other in showing their dance skills while incorporating the Generation S elements in their choreography.

Finally, the new Generation S scooter models were finally revealed, much to the delight of students and other important guests, who were all pumped in seeing the new and best-ever scooters from Honda, tagged to blaze the trail in safer and smarter scooter riding in the Philippines using Honda’s Smart Technology features in its new scooters. The reveal was followed by a spectacular performance by The Juans, a group of young musicians who invoke fun and positive vibes in their music. The crowd was really enthusiastic in joining the revelry that surrounded The Juans’ sparkling performance.

For more about the Generation S scooters and other motorcycle products, visit the Honda Philippines Incorporated website, or click “Like” on the Honda Philippines, Incorporated Facebook page,

Source: Honda Motorcycle Phil.




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