Introducing The Enhanced Yamaha MIO i 125S and the MIO SOUL i 125S

Introducing The Enhanced Yamaha MIO i 125S and the MIO SOUL i 125S

Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. continues to empower riders with it’s AT lineup of the Mio i 125 and Mio Soul i 125. After its successful integration into Philippine riding culture, the company ups the ante by evolving the already highly-innovative Mio.

The next step after the Blue Core Engine upgrade is the inclusion of the Stop and Start System in the Mio i 125S and the Mio Soul i 125S. When enabled, the technology allows your engine to automatically switch off after 5 seconds of being idle to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption and low emission. Your battery is well-protected and you can easily return to your riding with its quick start function that is possible because of the stored air-fuel mixture in your engine.

The S version also includes an answer back key that assists in locating your motorcycle in a crowded parking area; this edition also has an embossed 3D MIO emblem.


MIO I 125S White

Mio Soul I 125 S Matte Grey: More Photos here

The Mio i 125S has an SRP of Php 73,900 and comes in white and black. The Mio Soul i 125S has an SRP of Php 83,900 and comes in matte green and matte gray. Both are available in Yamaha 3S shops and multi-brand stores nationwide.



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