Kymco presents Hale as brand ambassadors, launches three new products

Kymco presents Hale as brand ambassadors, launches three new products

During their recent dealer convention at the Blue Leaf Pavilion in Taguig City, Kymco Philippines held a contract signing with members of Hale band to officially name them as Kymco’s new brand ambassadors. The event also served as the launch pad for the Taiwanese firm’s three new products; the Agility RS Naked (LED), the Super Z125 and the all-new Kargador 150.

The Agility RS Naked uses the same 125 cc engine of the Agility RS Utility. Aside from some aesthetic upgrades, the new Agility features a projector headlamp and a 9-piece LED high beam. Another scooter that was launched was the Super Z 125.

The all new Super Z is a result of the Research made to different target market located in different countries across Asia, it was then interpreted by the leading and most successful KYMCO designer who designed some of the most popular KYMCO scooter model, this design strategy was inspired by studying the Current Gen Y to New Generation known as “GEN Z” that we consider as the “Emerging Market” this market focuses on product that gives emphasis on mobility, connectivity, flexibility,visual(sense of sight), language, stability, comfort and modernity.

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The all new Kargador150 is ruggedly designed to fit the Philippines tough road condition, abuse usage by reinforcing the down tube of the frame that attaches to the side car, boxed type swing arm promotes durability on the rear end of the motorcycle which is constantly exposed to heavy loads, thicker spoke at 4mm to create a perfect fit and support to the wheel hub which serves as the center of power.

The rugged design of the model addresses the basic look of what a work horse should be.

The all new Kargador 150 comes in 2 variants first is the euro 2 standard that qualifies to the current Philippine emission regulation and the advanced euro 3 standard that further reduces the smoke emission of the engine.

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