Revving the hearts of Cebuanos – Yamaha Club Grand Touring

Revving the hearts of Cebuanos – Yamaha Club Grand Touring

It is said that travel is the only thing you spend on that makes you richer. Yet, this is only half-true when you are a Yamaha Club member. Feel free to give in to your wanderlust and Yamaha will do the spending for you.

As if to end the summer season with a bang, Yamaha Motor Philippines took more than a hundred riders on an epic journey along the scenic coastal roads of Cebu. Dubbed as “The Next Rev: Yamaha Club Grand Touring”, the 134-kilometer route might have been a bit short for seasoned riders but it is precisely so to allow novice riders to join in a weekend of fun and camaraderie.

The trip began early morning at Kart Zone in Cebu city. After breakfast, the participants were arranged into four groups to make the entire convoy of motorcycles easier to manage on the road. The same group assignments were used for the activities and games that awaited them at Brumini Resort in Oslob, Cebu. At the crack of dawn, the riders left the Queen City of the South for the first rest stop in the City of Carcar about 40 kilometers away. To my delight, Yamaha assigned this writer an NMAX motorcycle unit and taking the trip on the saddle made the experience all the more fulfilling.

If Cebu City is known for its Lechon (roasted pig), Carcar is known for its chicharon (pork rind). The main road was lined with numerous chicharon stalls. The temptation would have gotten the best of me but breakfast was just half an hour ago and I already had my fill of cholesterol. While some of the riders needed to stop for gas, I decided to press on as the NMAX’s digital fuel gauge still indicated a full tank. Equipped with fuel-injection system coupled with Yamaha’s latest Blue Core engine technology, I was confident that the 6.6 liters in the tank will get me to the destination without having to refuel.

The next scheduled stop was in Dalaguete and instead of joining the queue at the pumps, I decided to take the NMAX for a spin around the town in search of more scenic spots before heading to Oslob. On the way there, a beautiful old church along the road caught my eye. I stopped for some photos and then went on my way. It is later that I’ve learned that I just took selfies at a very historical place. The Boljoon Church as we know today started out as a small chapel in the year 1599 and historians theorize that the human remains found in the area belonged to Lapu-lapu himself.

There was a light drizzle when we reached Oslob and this made the otherwise perfect road a bit slippery. The NMAX is the only scooter in its category that comes with anti-lock brakes and it gave me confidence to squeeze out every bit power the 155 cc mill has to offer. Before noon, we were already receiving room assignments at Brumini Resort. The fun, however, was far from over. A quick boodlefight lunch and we’re off to Sumilon island. A 30-minute boat ride took us to a white pebble beach and the pristine waters was so inviting after a half-day ride under the sun none of us was able to resist…save for one guy who was the designated keeper of electronic gadgets. We were back at Brumini before sunset and live entertainment, games, raffle draws and more merry making ensued after dinner.

Even after a night of partying, everyone was up early the following day. We were all excited to see the Butanding (whale shark) up close and personal. Aboard small wooden boats, those who would like to swim with the so-called “gentle giants” of the sea were given explicit instructions not to touch the magnificent creatures. Infants were twice as big as our vessels and despite their size, they are quite vulnerable to the microbes that we carry on our skin. The Butandings, on the other hand, seemed aware of our presence. As if they were intentionally swimming gingerly across tourist-infested waters, careful not to accidentally hit the humans with their tails.

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Yamaha regularly organizes and sponsors touring rides like this for Yamaha Club members, as a means of showing appreciation for their loyal patronage. Being a member also entitles you to product discounts at Motoworld and other freebies at Yamaha events. The best thing of all, membership is free. All you have to do is register.

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