Road  Safety Tips this Holiday Season

Road Safety Tips this Holiday Season

Holiday is in the air: Filipino shoppers are hopping from mall to mall, scouting for gift ideas, filling restaurants, and congesting roads.  The flurry of activity, however, inevitably increases the probability of road crashes during the Christmas season. This Christmas, prevent misfortune from spoiling your holidays with these tips from Magnus Mateo, Road Safety Committee Vice Chairman of Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association, Inc. (MDPPA), the Philippines’ premier motorcycle manufacturers association composed of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kymco.


Everyone is excited about the holidays; after all, this is the season of parties, shopping escapades, and Christmas bonuses. But be sure not to let your wandering thoughts cloud your judgment while driving. Devote your full attention towards reaching your destination safely. “Ang tendency ng karamihan, hindi naka-focus sa driving,” Mateo says.


Not even the best motorcycle available in the market can spare a motorist from a fatal heart attack, shares Mateo. As such, one should always keep his health in check. Some health conditions pose side effects, which can impair the driver’s vision and sense of road awareness. “Pati constipation,” he jokes.


Having a little too much to drink can lead to numbed senses- particularly blurry vision- and slower reaction times. “If you are not in a fit state to drive, do not do so,” he cautions.

And even if you’re not drunk, you still have to be on your guard:  be wary of recklessly drunk pedestrians, too!


This might come as a surprise, but MDPPA discourages major motorcycle modifications since these can lead to unpredictable motorcycle performance. “Manufacturers conduct thorough research to get vehicle specs right,” says Mateo.


He advises riders to change oil and filter regularly, as specified in the owner’s manual. Daily visual inspection should include leaks, tire condition, brakes, pedal/lever plays, and signaling & head light devices, the latter serving as safety devices to help the rider be seen and see other motorists or pedestrians. One should be wary of any form of electrical malfunctioning, too.


What should riders do when it starts raining? Slow down and refrain from hard braking. “The road is slickest when it starts raining as the layer of dust and oil on the road surface is not yet washed out,” he explains.



Avoid road rage at all costs: this can lead to direct and indirect motor accidents. Reckless driving, lack of focus, and even the tendency to pick fights are just some of the drastic effects of extreme anger.


Not only it will save you time, effort, and fuel from unnecessary movements, but also help relieve traffic congestion and reduce carbon emission from driving.

Don’t let road accidents turn Christmas celebrations into tragedy. Follow these tips, to stay safe and merry during the holidays! And remember, road safety should be exercised everyday and not only during the Christmas season.

About Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association, Inc. (MDPPA)

Based on the basic principles of the Philippine Motor Vehicle Development Program implemented by the Board of Investments, Philippine Motorcycle Manufacturing Program (PMMP) Association was established in 1973. In 1987, new MVDP guidelines were finalized and program name was, likewise, changed to Motorcycle Development Program (MDP). The Association was given the new name of Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association, Inc. (MDPPA) in 1989.

The current five members of the Association: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kymco, are all active participants of the government’s Motor Vehicle Development Program (MVDP).



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