Road trip Reminders

Road trip Reminders

  • Drive with Confidence on Long Weekends

Long weekends are perfect for that much-needed vacation or road trip. As we brave the holiday rush and travel long distances to our respective destinations, a well-maintained car becomes a very important ally.

Pilipinas Shell wants to help you to drive with confidence during this busy time. Prior to your travel date, make sure to get all the necessary check-ups done by professionals so you can avoid troubles on the road. Don’t worry if you’re clueless about cars, professional service centers can give you tailored maintenance advice that take into account your car’s age, condition, and usage.

Get all these and more when you experience exceptional service at Shell Helix Oil Change+ service centers. Relax and enjoy free WiFi and refreshments at air-conditioned lounges as your car gets serviced. Clear windows and CCTV cameras allow you to oversee the work done to your trusty vehicle. Trained under the Modern Engines and Lubrication Services course in Don Bosco Technical Institute, Shell’s expert mechanics perform strict safety checks and comprehensive assessments, and use only quality Shell lubricants in every oil change. Your maintenance records are also kept on file, will service reminders sent out to help you keep track of your schedule. With over 200 locations nationwide, unparalleled customer service is within reach at Shell Helix Oil Change+, no appointments necessary.

“We at Shell understand that Filipinos enjoy taking a break with their family and friends when the opportunity presents itself. People are more dependent on their vehicles during this hectic season,” says Anthony Lawrence Yam, Pilipinas Shell’s Vice President for Retail. “Aside from our premium fuels and lubricants, we offer top-notch maintenance services at Shell Helix Oil Change+ to keep their cars running smoothly. We encourage our customers to make oil changes a regular habit, to help give them peaceful rides, every day.”

At Shell Helix Oil Change+, you get more than just an oil change. You also get peace of mind with every drive, no matter how busy the roads are, or how far the destination is.

By providing quality fuel products and services to motorists around the world, Shell gained its foothold as a global leader in power and energy. The oil company is a pioneer in next generation technology: developing new energy sources, producing smarter products, building smarter infrastructure and providing energy efficient engineering solutions. Ultimately, Shell promotes cleaner energy, smarter mobility, and energy efficiency to address the challenges of the future.




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