Suzuki Swift 1.2 A/T – Hokage Moves

Suzuki Swift 1.2 A/T – Hokage Moves

Since not everyone is a fan of Japanese cartoons, please pardon the anime reference of the title. According to the anime series Naruto, a ‘hokage’ is an honorary title bestowed upon the leader of the ninja village Konoha. In Filipino pop culture, the term is used in referring to a ladies’ man. He is someone who moves with seemingly effortless precision in order to sweep the girl off her feet. He is an expert ninja, in essence, only with a different purpose. If such a man were a car, it would be a Suzuki Swift 1.2 A/T.

The Swift is powered by a 1.197 cc DOHC 16-valve VVT engine which produces 87 hp@6000 rpm and 114 nm@4000 rpm. Rather then relying on raw power, this peppy little hatch offers other endearing qualities that will over anyone who has a passion for driving. Unlike most three-bangers in the 1.2-liter segment, the Swift has four cylinders for a smoother drive.  It is  also probably one of the most nimble cars money can buy. It is as easy to drive in urban traffic as it is on twisty mountain roads. It is like having a 5-seater go-kart.


The Suzuki Swift’s boxy dimensions makes it easier to the driver to maneuver it around tight spaces. You confidently determine where the body panels end so easing into a parking slot is always a breeze. This also allow a relatively spacious cabin with plenty storage compartments. While trunk space is at par with most hatchbacks, the opening is a bit smaller and this might limit the type of cargo you can load. Yet, you can just fold down the 60/40 rear seats and the 210-liter cargo space becomes 533 liters.

Stuck in a traffic jam? The Swift comes with a touch-screen entertainment system which will keep your passengers occupied. It is also GPS-ready, to help you find a way out of the congestion. Even with our daily driving conditions, I was still able to get an average of 10.5 kilometers per liter. That and a 42-liter tank will get you around 300 kilometers per fill-up. There is tilt adjustment on the steering wheel but no reach adjustment so you will just have to move the seat to find a comfortable position. The ride is firm but the trade off is that you get sure-footing no matter how you flick car around. The 170 mm ground clearance lets you roll over speed bumps without worries.

Suzuki Swift Photos here

With its premium interiors, sitting inside one is cause for immediate excitement and anticipation. Fully loaded with premium features and thoughtfully designed comforts, in the Swift, driving becomes a smooth yet thrilling experience. The Swift’s bold and stylish design forms a silhouette like none other. Its unique spirited character now stands enhanced.

Much like the mythical shinobi warrior, the Suzuki Swift does things with finesse and precision. If its sporty but easy-going nature is not enough to win you over then how about its P 678,000 price tag? Plus, you can drive confidently knowing that it is already equipped with ABS and dual airbags. To know more about the Suzuki Swift 1.2 A/T, you may visit



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