Take the Leap. Dare to Change. Honda Revolution.Honda Philippines to unveil its newest revolutionary products the GX Cyclone Engines

Take the Leap. Dare to Change. Honda Revolution.Honda Philippines to unveil its newest revolutionary products the GX Cyclone Engines

Manila, Philippines – As part of the company’s dream of improving the quality of human life through technology, Honda Philippines Inc. is set to unveil its latest revolutionary products, the GX Cyclone Engines: GX 160T2 QCT and GX 390T2 QCT under Honda Power Product line.

The new Honda Power Product GX Cyclone Engines are air-cooled 4-stroke OHV engines equipped with cyclone cleaners capable to do three-stage filtering: FIRST, by pre-cleaning large debris, and sand and, NEXT FILTERING DUST AT THE FOAM ELEMENT, THEN removing THE fine particles THROUGH PAPER FILTER ELEMENT- ALL OF THESE to extend the engine maintenance interval. Its new design offers even better fuel economy than before.

With its superior performance and compact design, GX Cyclone Engines features valve timing, optimal valve overlap and high compression ratio for better fuel efficiency. Its precision engineered components result in lower vibration. The new carburetor chamber coating and carburetor filter help protect against impurities, the cast iron cylinder sleeve, cyclone and dual element air cleaners are used. With these, the products become emissions compliant with certification from CARB and ETA.




img_0919The GX Cyclone Engines are the newest under Honda Power Products which offer power that help people get things done during all stages of life. Honda Power Products continues to help enhance the daily lives of people around with a broad line-up of products including multipurpose engines, power generators, water pumps and brush cutters.

Honda Philippines adheres to high technological standards; technological expertise, continuous research and development, and meticulous quality control honed through years of experience are applied for customer satisfaction.

The results are machines that are efficient, economical and environment-friendly— products that deliver good value at reasonable prices.

To learn more about these revolutionary products, please visit www.hondaph.com

About Honda Philippines, Inc.

Honda’s journey to what is today is a history of great revolution. This great era started in 1964 as Honda’s dream of having a better world where people, technology, and environment live as one. Honda pioneered in technological breakthrough with its cars and motorcycles. To go further in providing a better world, Honda introduced its lineup of Power Products, thus making it available for Filipinos in May of 1973. “Helping people get things done” is the foremost cause for Honda Power Products’ existence, as thrives in “innovating products of high quality and technological standards for customer satisfaction”. And this is Honda – the “Power of Dreams”.

In 1988, the best brand carabao tiller was launched and in 1993, the new GX340 Marine Model was launched. On the other hand, in 2015 the Brush Cutter was released with palay harvester attachment that can be used for both landscape maintenance and agriculture.

Today, Honda Philippines Inc., is ready to take a big leap, surpass market challenges, and revolutionized with their latest Honda Power Product line-up for construction, the GP and GX Engine series



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