The All-new Honda BeAt – Specifications, Prices

The All-new Honda BeAt – Specifications, Prices

Most people I know are intrigued why a relatively tall guy like me (I am 5′ 11”) has an affinity to small bikes, specifically scooters. A fair observation, I suppose, because of all the bikes in my garage, it is my 2013 Honda BeAT that gets most usage. Well, my primary purpose for riding motorcycles is to “beat” traffic as most of my time on the saddle is spent navigating through congested urban areas. Honda has since updated this entry-level scooter, targeting a new generation of riders, tall or otherwise.

The all-new BeAT still has a modest 110 cc air-cooled engine but is now equipped with Honda’s PGM-Fi system. This enables it to produce 6.36 kw @ 7500 rpm and 9.01 nm @ 6000 rpm while achieving a claimed fuel efficiency of 63 kilometers to a liter. What is immediately noticeable though, is the excellent throttle response. From stop lights, the all-new BeAT accelerates like a 125 cc. Speaking of stop lights, little scooter is fitted with Idling-stop System (ISS). The ISS automatically shuts off the engine after idling for three seconds. This is particularly useful at junctions where it takes a while for the light to turn green. There’s no point burning fuel if you are not going anywhere. When it’s time to go, just blip the throttle and the engine fires up without delay. No need to press the starter button. If you happen to be uncomfortable with this feature, you can just flip a switch to disable it.

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Aside from the technological advancements, the all-new BeAT offers some practical features as well. It now comes with a 11.2 liter underseat compartment. While it won’t fit any type of helmet, it is still a good place to safely store some personal items or electronic gadgets. The floor board is also wider and longer so it can also double as cargo bed for other items like a bag or a small box. To accomplish Honda stretched the wheelbase from 1240 mm to 1256 mm. Because of this, I find it easier to make tight turns on the older version. The battery was also relocated from under the seat to under the floor board, raising it a bit, to give way to the underseat compartment. This won’t be an issue unless you have very long legs as your feet rest a little higher.

Honda did not scrimp on safety as this scooter is equipped with a combi-brake system, wherein you can use just the left lever to apply both front and rear brakes. This is quite handy when riding in congested areas. The front disc and rear drum brake configuration works perfectly. It still uses the same 14 inch tires but they are now tubeless. In case of a puncture, you will still be able to stir safely until you reach a tire shop. It still has a front fork and a rear monoshock and I found the ride more comfortable with a passenger.


Intended for a younger demographic, the all-new BeAT is available in several vibrant colors at an affordable price of P 69,900 for the ISS variant and P 63,900 for the standard variant.




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