The All-New Honda TMX125α and the 3rd Generation TMX Supremo

The All-New Honda TMX125α and the 3rd Generation TMX Supremo

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) released two new models from its best-selling business category– the Honda TMX series. HPI updated the series while taking pride in a 41- year legacy of trusted quality and performance that generations of Filipinos have enjoyed. Now, Honda brought new, class-leading technology to customers with the All-New TMX125α “DAPAT SA SUBOK NA!” and 3 rd Generation TMX Supremo “SUPREMO, TUNAY NA LAKAS!” Their engines were upgraded from Euro 2 to Euro 3 compliance without the usual compromise in their power and torque, in fact, with Honda’s technology, these were maintained in the All-New TMX125α. Meanwhile, the 3rd Generation TMX Supremo improved its power by 5 percent and its torque by 0.2 percent. The Air Suction Valve (ASV) in the engine and the catalyzers in the mufflers produce cleaner emissions to adhere to the Philippine government’s regulation standards for environmental conservation. These new models also upgraded body and design features to increase their suitability to take on the needs of tricycle drivers, businesses, and even the demands of solo riders.


The All-New TMX125α is equipped with the newly-developed legendary Overhead Valve (OHV) engine which was exclusively made for this model and for the Filipino market. This OHV engine uses a push rod to deliver a balance of acceleration and control for hours of easy and hassle-free tricycle and business operations while still being fuel efficient at 58.0km/L. Honda 3S shops nationwide are already familiar with the OHV engine, which also has readily available spare parts, making maintenance easy and convenient. This upgraded business model also ensures the safety and comfort of its users, with its durable 18-inch tires that lessen the impact of potholes and 760 millimeter seat height for comfortable riding. Style-wise, the All-New TMX125α has an informative meter panel, a new TMX155-inspired winker mounted by a durable metal holder, and an upgraded muffler that is complemented by an attractive, chrome-plated muffler protector.


Meanwhile, the 3rd Generation TMX Supremo now boasts of enhanced features, such as its new and improved engine that maintains its fuel efficiency at 62km/L. It also comes with 18-inch tires, as well as a high ground clearance and a seat height that ensures the riders’ comfort despite the impact of rough roads. This makes the 3 rd Generation TMX Supremo better suited for heavy-duty rides and climbs on demanding roads, even when carrying loads. The 3rd Generation TMX Supremo is also built with a three-point sidecar attachment, an informative meter panel, and a new TMX155-inspired stripe design. In addition, this new business model has safety features such as the passing light which visibly signals the motorcycle’s presence, and the secured key shutter which prevents theft.


With this, Filipinos who have trusted Honda’s TMX series for decades have new features to look forward to, further solidifying its position in the business model category while also catering to solo riders’ lifestyles.

All-New TMX125α

 Honda3rd Generation TMX Supremo

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Both the All-New TMX125α and the 3rd Generation TMX Supremo are now available in Honda 3S shops and multi-brand shops nationwide. For more information, visit HPI’s official website, or tune in to the official Facebook page to stay updated with Honda’s latest models and events.

Price: 3rd Generation Honda TMX Supremo – ₱72,900.00 and All-New Honda TMX Alpha – ₱50,900.00




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