The Honda Barangay Safety Riding Clinic

The Honda Barangay Safety Riding Clinic

With the significantly rising road accidents involving all road users from 4 – wheels, 2 – wheels and even pedestrian, it is timely to educate the society on safety precautions, road rules and riding techniques that they should keep in mind. That is why, Honda Philippines, being an advocate of road safety continues to develop safety riding programs that will help reduce, if not totally eliminate, the growing number of road mishaps.

honda-4Barangay Safety Riding Clinic (BSRC), is one of Honda’s Safety Riding programs aim to provide Safety Riding advocacy to the community in an “Easy – to – understand” and “Enjoyable” learning approach. After the successful launching in Lipa City, Batangas last September 28, 2015, BSRC have reached more than 10 areas covering Luzon and is about to expand in the Visayas and Mindanao regions, providing safety riding advocacy in every community.

honda-3From coaching a non – motorcycle users or first time riders with the basic riding techniques, assessing  riders riding skills thru a validation program by Honda’s certified safety riding  instructors and an open to public lecture on road safety awareness, the BSRC is a simplified yet holistic approach offered to public as FREE education originated from Honda’s philosophy that “safety starts from the heart“. No matter how advanced technologies have become, as long as people are in the driver’s seat, the human mind will always be a crucial factor


Thanks to the ever – supportive rider clubs who undergo meticulous assessment and now became cautious and disciplined in riding.

Be part of this educational program as Honda Philippines bring the succeeding BSRC Series to your barangay.



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