The Return Of The Legendary SUZUKI X-4

The Return Of The Legendary SUZUKI X-4

Answering the growing demand of the country’s business-model motorcycles, Suzuki brings back the legendary Suzuki X-4 with advanced features that meet and exceed the need of the Filipino masses. Carefully designed to be the best business-partner of our kababayans, Suzuki banked on three major factors – power, durability and reliability without compromising comfort which are all met by the AX4.

Powered by a 150cc engine, the motorcycle is designed to withstand any kind of road conditions including mountainous areas even with heavy load. The 5-speed transmission with engine balancer reduces vibration for better riding comfort even at high speed. A heavy-duty single cradle frame & square pipe swing arm ensures comfortable riding condition.

To ensure that the Filipinos get the value for their money, the AX4 is durable and low on maintenance with a more responsive Mikuni VM-type carburetor and a fuel cock with built-in filter that ensures the cleanliness of the gas being supplied to the carburetor. It is also safe to drive with a clutch switch starter preventing unwanted bike movement. The battery operated headlight promotes better visibility and aids in fuel-efficiency.

The AX4 is made with the longest rear carrier available in the market which provides room for more passengers or baggage. Adding up to the features, Suzuki ensures a no-worry purchase as the AX4 already comes with a TODA Tool Kit including a lower rear shock and front sidecar attachment brackets as well as a kick starter. The brackets reduce the need to weld the sidecar to the bike making way for more flexibility and durability.



Suzuki AX4 Brochure

It also comes with an informative instrumental panel that is visible in any riding condition equipped with fuel gauge, turn signal light, neutral, high beam and gear position indicators.

Coming from a rich history with the country’s TODA community, the legendary Suzuki X-4 returns through the AX4 (Advanced Suzuki X-4).

The AX4 comes in three colors – Black, Yellow and Red with an SRP of PhP 68,900.

Source: Suzuki Motorcycle Phil.




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