The Yamaha Grand Prix 8 Finals

The Yamaha Grand Prix 8 Finals

The Yamaha Grand Prix 8 Finals wasn’t your usual Championship race. For the first time since its inception, the riders will battle it out in the bright lights of Rizal Park. The national site became an arena where legends are made. As if the heavens favored this historic match, the track was blessed with rainfall as if to baptize the start of the battle.The competing lineup featured the daunting presence of “The Chairman” Masato Fernando and Rising Star Kyle Paz, Powerhouses Vingie Coloma and Mcdon Sande, Racetrack highlight reels Ephraim Onahon and Gian Carlo Mauricio, just to name a few. The best riders from Luzon,Visayas, and Mindanao; went all out to prove who was truly legendary.

New to the race is the Yamaha Sight, the latest product of the World Class motorcycle manufacturer that was built for excellent performance through efficiency and simplicity. The inaugural category had its fair share of thrills with each competitor barely edging out the other using the performance F.I. technology of Yamaha. Gian Carlo Mauricio had the honor of bagging the first Championship of the category.

The Fun Race AT category was no different, where a heated battle took place in every corner. The automatic icon, Yamaha Mio, delivered as much as the riders could and it resulted in a breathtaking battle. In the end, Kenneth Coronel managed to break off the pack and never looked back. The 160 Open AT became an acceleration free-for-all, the larger custom track allowed the riders to go full power. It was a neck and neck race between Miko Montano and Aljon Valencia, with Allan Dela Cruz at striking distance of the two leaders but only one could dominate at the finish line.

The Underbone fun race was enjoyable but that didn’t make it any less competitive. It started as entertaining but developed into a fiery clash. Gary Taplador, Mark Kian Santos, and Joey Villaester starred in an encounter of fuel injected artistry.

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The Vega Force i category was a show of true force. Each rider embodied precision and powered through adversity. Masato Fernando entered the race as the dominant favorite but he did not remain unchallenged as he went up against two worthy adversaries in Mcdon Dave Sande and Vingie Coloma. This heavyweight matchup did not disappoint and the crowd went wild as they went toe to toe until the chequered flag.

The Sniper 150 is the King of Street and only the best can claim the throne. It was a battle royale with each rider clawing for the crown. It was a three way masterpiece among Ephraim Onahon, Garry Caneda, and Durraine Dan Carlos. Each turn was a testament to their skill and will to win.

When it was all said and done only a few remained with the right to walk up the podium and raise their hard earned trophies. As confetti fell from the sky, the crowd was looking at their newly minted Yamaha Team Pilipinas and each spot taken wasn’t given but earned on the racetrack. The Yamaha Grand Prix 8 may have ended but for these racers, it’s the beginning of an even greater challenge; taking the Philippines to the next level of global racing dominance.

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