TVS Apache Experience

TVS Apache Experience

  • TVS – The first ever open-road motorcycle test ride

What is missing on your usual test rides? Well, they’re confined on small parking lots and you only go around a small course with some traffic cones. Not too interesting. Last weekend, TVS aimed to do something different. Something that motorcycle enthusiasts could really feel and do especially on a perfect Sunday.

So it was a perfect Sunday at the Martessem Mountain Resort in Tanay Rizal where about 200 riders converged for the TVS Apache Experience 2017. The star of the event was the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, a 200cc naked motorcycle from TVS and distributed by Wheeltek, who astonished motorcycle enthusiasts that flocked the famous “Marilaque” road or the Manila-Rizal-Lazuna-Quezon highway with their motorcycles due to its winding roads.

The Demo Run

TVS – a multinational motorcycle manufacturer from India partnered with Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation – a nationwide dealer of motorcycles in the Philippines to bring the TVS Brand and the Apache RTR 200 motorcycle experience directly to the enthusiasts themselves.

imageThe route was from Martessem then 5 kilometers to Tanay town proper then back at Martessem – 10 kilometers in total! 137 riders tested the Apache RTR 200 4V on the open roads while the motoring media did it before noon and they all said it was a blast!

Great Riding Experience

During one of the interviews, Sam Chakrabarty, TVS Philippines Country Manager said:

“Rather than doing formal product launches, we wanted to bring our product closer to the people, where they could touch, feel appreciate and even ride our bikes, get a better feel of what we are all about and gather feedback on their take on each of the bikes TVS offers “

image image image imageThe demo runs were marshalled by the group C.O.D.E. R. – S.E.A.L.S. who made sure that all test runs will be done in the safest way possible through the prescribed route. “It was an awesome experience!” said one of the riders after a demo run. “The bike (Apache RTR 200) responds and handles very well. Thank you Wheeltek for this opportunity.” He added.

One of the seasoned big bike and former superbike racer commented:

“The TVS Apache 200 4V is a truly surprising and exciting ride. From its noticeable power and torque, smooth transmission to its responsive and great handling this bike will surely change the riding communities take on how a 200cc single cylinder bike should be.”

Also, one of the Press who tested the Apache RTR 200 4V said:

“Wheeltek guys really wanted to show everyone that this TVS RTR Apache 200 4v is a real quality bike in the open road and a true joy to ride. Everyone enjoyed the free test ride that came with prizes, games and acoustic bands. Also happy to meet the Code-R club riders who escorted every single test rider in the Marilaque high way.”




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