Yamaha Grand Prix 7 Winners

Yamaha Grand Prix 7 Winners

KARTZONE, CEBU CITY, JUNE 19, 2016 — Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. began the 3rd leg of the Yamaha Grand Prix which is now on its 7th Year. YMPH Sales and Marketing Director, Mr. Kaoru Ogura, officially opened the competition that pitted the best of Visayas against each other. Each riding was vying to be the region’s top rider and would make him one step closer to representing the Philippines.

Even with all the activities around the venue, the real action would still be on the track and it was all business when the starting flag went down. Spectators saw the racing categories of the Vega Force i , 160 Automatic, 130 Open UB, Sniper Open 150 and the MIO 125 MX i. Also part of the race was Open Fun races of the underbone and automatic variety. As riders crossed the finish line, only a chosen few would be declared as the top riders for the 3rd leg of the YGP7.
The winners were:


  1. John Paul Lapante
  2. RJ Commendador
  3. Roselio Cupta

130 Open UB

  1. Ephraim Onahon
  2. John Emerson Inguito
  3. Clifford Bacus

150 UB

  1. Durraine Dan Carlos
  2. Ephraim Onahon
  3. John Emerson Inguito

M io 125 MX i

  1. Clyde Relativo
  2. John Paul Lapante
  3. Clint Sande
    Club Race AT
  4. John Edward Goday
  5. Clyde Relativo
  6. Maico Adapon

160 AT

  1. Durraine Dan Carlos
  2. Clint Sande
  3. Andver Antonio


  1. Neil Labrador
  2. Clifford Oliverio
  3. Sylvester Ramirez


    1. Soliman Orlanes
    2. James Alforque
    3. Nippo Nino Cutas

The fierce competition is over for now. The Championship race is just around the corner and the roster is set for the final clash. The development and rise of local riders will be at full display in the Carmona Racing Circuit. We’re one step closer to global greatness and we’re all excited to find out who this year’s Team Pilipinas will be.



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