Yamaha Mio AEROX 155 : Availability and Price

Yamaha Mio AEROX 155 : Availability and Price

Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. consistently revolutionizes the riding industry and has dominated the automatic category in the nation for years. Powered by its Mio products, the company has given riders vessels that carry their character on the road. Now it offers a new dimension of velocity with its latest testament to speed, the MIO Aerox 155.

The public finally got a glimpse of the highly anticipated product during the 2017 Yamaha Motorshow in the Inside Racing Bikefest. Alongside with Yamaha Ambassador Matteo Guidicelli the MIO Aerox 155 stole the show with its impeccable design and innovative features. It focuses on the dynamism of Yamaha’s racing excellence and was given technological advancements to make it the fastest automatic motorcycle.

It is equipped with a 155cc Liquid Cooled Blue Core engine that provides optimum combustion, improved cooling efficiency, and reduces power loss. The Variable Valve Actuation(VVA) system helps in adjusting the fuel intake during shifting points in acceleration; giving strong torque at low speeds and power at high speeds. Also part of the machine is the Smart Motor Generator (SMG), a mechanism that silently starts your engine without the need for a starting motor; it also contributes to overall lightness.

Super wide tires are on both ends of the motorcycle with the front tires having a measurement of 110/80-14 and rear tire of 140/70-14. The 5.8 Full LCD Instrument Panel is fitted to give you an enhanced panel that mirrors the latest technology. Included as well is an electric socket so you can charge any digital device. Its fuel tank is strategically placed in front so you can easily gas up.

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The Mio Aerox 155 is available in all Yamaha 3S shops and multi-brand stores nationwide with an SRP of Php 99,800 in Race Blu, Vibrant Orange, and Raven Black colors.



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