Yamaha won 7 Manufacturer Awards in IRGP

Yamaha won 7 Manufacturer Awards in IRGP

The motorsports crew of Yamaha Motor Philippines takes pride in upholding the brand’s global standard of racing performance. By creating a Championship culture from every aspect, they have mastered the craft of outclassing their opponents in any track. This was the clear indication during their unrelenting run in the IRGP. Yamaha won 7 manufacturer awards in what was an almost shutout season. This was the most categories won by a single manufacturer since the beginning of the IRGP in 2007.

This continuous racing rampage is all thanks to unwavering dedication, mastery of skillset, and of course the commitment of providing the best machinery. Yamaha racing closes out the year by blowing out the competition and sets its eyes on conquering a new year.

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