All New Honda Zoomer-X, XRM 125 Fi and RS 125 Fi

Excite the Roads Ahead With the New Honda Models


MANILA, Philippines, September 11, 2017 – Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) unleashed the unique experience and excitement in urban riding as it reveals its newest underbone, sports & AT models- the All-New XRM125 series, All-New RS125, and New Zoomer-X.


Speaking before the press at the Honda Safety Driving Center, HPI President Mr. Daiki Mihara said the new models are assured to intensify Honda’s commitment to bold and exciting changes in its extensive & complete line-up of products in terms of unique Filipino design, high performance, latest technology, and joyful riding experience. “We want Honda riders to feel the power of their dreams by experiencing the models’ performances that are specially made for their own riding needs. These may include daily commutes to work or hang-outs, racing for the sports models, or trail riding adventures for the off-road models.”

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The Philippines’ number one underbone motorcycle, the XRM125 – Conquer Your Own Road, has been redesigned to give its riders a compelling urban riding experience. It comes in three new variants: Dual Sport (DS), Dual Sport Extreme (DSX), and Motard. Each variant takes design inspiration from the sturdy, aggressive and motocross-inspired bodyworks and graphics of the Honda CRF250. From the body color to engine performance, the All-New

XRM125 is among Honda’s engineering masterpieces for all urban riders.


For riders looking for a sporty and thrilling experience on the road, the All-New RS125 – Start the Excitement – is the perfect match for them. Its new sporty decals, refreshed body design, and a new fuel-efficient engine make it your top choice compared to competitors of the same class.


But the biggest news is at the core of these two Honda motorcycles. The All-New XRM125 and All-New RS125 are now powered by a fuel-efficient and Euro 3-compliant PGM-Fi engine, so you can achieve more riding control while still reducing exhaust emissions.


PGM-Fi engines were pioneered by Honda as early as the 1980’s, and are now furnished in its latest models with enhanced features that gives riders an edge in terms of efficiency and maintenance, as the engine is equipped with sensors that measure throttle positioning, engine oil temperature, crank shaft position and intake of air temperature and pressure.


This makes the engine efficient as it can calculate the exact amount of fuel needed based on the sensors’ readings, which avoids excessive usage and saves 6.7% more fuel than the carburetor type. These sensors can also optimize maintenance by detecting possible abnormalities in the system, which is notified to the rider through the Malfunction Indicator Lamp.
Finally, Honda’s most stylish scooter gets a splash of new colors. The New Zoomer-X makes your life more colourful with the addition of Mat Axis Gray Metallic and Heaven Blue Metallic.

The New Honda Zoomer-X

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The New Zoomer-X retains its trademark Honda Smart Technology’s PGM-Fi engine, Idling Stop System, and Combi brake.

The All New XRM 125 Fi

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All New Honda RS 125 fi

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The All-New XRM125, All-New RS125, and New Zoomer-X are now available in all Honda flagship stores and 3s shops nationwide.

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