MIO SOUL i Philippines Goes All In For YAMAHA

MIO SOUL i Philippines Goes All In For YAMAHA

As Yamaha unveiled the Rev Hall in the 10th IR Bikefest they welcomed different Yamaha Clubs that supported the event with their pure passion for riding. The brand knows that their riders are dedicated and have a loyalty that is irreplaceable and it showed with the large number of attendees. One club stood out because of the large number of riders that arrived to support Yamaha and it would not go unnoticed. Mio Soul i Philippines arrived with 234 members and each were proud ambassadors of the brand.

Headed by Club President Michael Robert Dionido and Vice President Junel Martinez, they all came together to show how riding unites all and the experiences that they have together are adventures that will last lifetime. Topping off their accomplishment of having the most number of riders, they were given a special gift by Yamaha. Club Mio Soul i Philippines was given a framed Valentino Rossi signed shirt as a symbol of the company’s appreciation for their commitment.

Yamaha is proud to have clubs that are part of the Yamaha family and continue to banner the roads with their excellence. It is self-driven exhilaration such these activities are what makes the simple things more special and what makes “Revs your Heart” more than just a phrase.



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