Taichi RST 435 – Selfie-friendly Riding Gloves

Taichi RST 435 – Selfie-friendly Riding Gloves

In the event of a spill, it is most likely that most of us will rely on our hands to break our fall. Yet, a good number of riders still prefer not to wear protective gloves when riding. Some find them uncomfortable while others feel they loose some degree of hand dexterity. However, you will definitely experience both problems if you scape your hands on the pavement after you’ve fallen off your bike.

The Taichi RST435 TT leather mesh glove offer comfortable protection without compromising finger function. Soft goat leather material enables you to freely operate your bike’s switch gears and you can even use your smart phone while keeping them on. There are touch screen compatible patches on the thumbs and index fingers. The top side of the gloves is completely perforated to keep your hands cool and well ventilated. Each glove is fastened by a velcro wrist strap and there’s EVA foam padding on the palm area and on the knuckles.

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These pair of gloves are so light and comfy, you can wear them all day long. Visit any Motoworld branch to get a perfect fit.

Taichi RST 435  Price: P 4, 250



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