Suzuki Ciaz GLX A/T

Suzuki Ciaz GLX A/T

You don’t have to be a genius to be able to appreciate the excellent value the Ciaz offers. In fact, it took only a few minutes for my 6 year old to get acquainted with the creature comforts of the new sedan from the Suzuki stable. Yes, the inside cabin is a nice place to be in. First of all you have climate control. Then, there is also the Android-compatible entertainment unit where you can watch “Frozen” over and over again. You will get tired of singing along with “Let it go” but you will never go tired of listening to the unit’s excelllent sound quality. This car is perfect for carpool karaoke…and the huge interior allow more participants to join in the fun. The Ciaz is definitely for extroverts.

With a wheel base of 2650 mm, the Ciaz is one of the cars in its category with the biggest dimensions. Using size to work to its advantage, the Ciaz exudes an elegant character that is further supported by its rather conventional color options. Make no mistake though, this car is a nimble daily driver. The turning radius is kept to a reasonable 5.4 meters and the 16-inch alloys on the this GLX variant enable sure footing. Powered by 1.373 cc 44 cylinder 16V VVT engine, it produces 92 hp @ 6,000 rpm and 130 nm @ 4,000 rpm. The 4-speed automatic transmission is responsive and offers great convenience in urban traffic. It has an overdrive function for better fuel economy on long distance cruising but iit can be turned of with a press of a button if you want to experience a bit of sportiness in your driving. Speaking of economy, I was able to achieve an average of 9.5 kilometers per liter in spite of a heavy foot and the terrible traffic. I suppose drivers in different driving conditions might be able to get significantly better numbers. In the last fuel eco test done by the Department of Energy, the Ciaz manual transmission achieved 27.94 kilometers to a liter.

With this top spec variant priced at P 888,000, the Ciaz is one of the more practical sedans in the market. On top of all the bells and whistles, dual airbags, ABS and EBD also come as standard in all variants. Not only do you keep your passengers happy and comfy, you are also ensured of their safety.

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While the GLX maybe the ideal family car, the base model GL could be a viable option if planning on entering the lucrative application-based transportation service industry. At only P 738,000, you’d be sure too get back your investment in no time.




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